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Posted by Property In Turkey on 3 October 2015
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How about buying a property in Alanya? The district welcomes you with 300 days of sunshine that you will savour peacefully along the amazing Mediterranean coasts.

The magical city is a district of Antalya and it has been a big tourism center for many years. The city was founded in 1872 and since that day there have been many developments around the area. Alanya is pretty close to the other holiday destinations like Manavgat and Gazipaşa. Surrounded by the amazing view of the Taurus mountains, the district is covered with the green forests. You can explore and taste many different fruits; especially the trees of banana, lemon and orange that are very important sources in terms of the economy there.

The transportation is pretty easy. It has its own airport (Alanya Gazipaşa Airport) in the area and you can reach there by land, sea or air. It is 120 kilometres from Antalya that is the main center. The language barrier is not a problem at all. Because of being a well-known tourism spot, most of the people are able to speak English or even Russian.

Many people buy a property or invest in Alanya, why so? Who could say no to the blue-flagged sandy beaches and the warm climate? Around the district, there are many spaciously designed apartments and penthouses nearby this amazing beach that is such a unique location. During your stay, you can visit the museums, the caves, the historical places and the rivers. Investors generally prefer here so as to buy a vacation house. This type of properties are the most popular ones around the area because Alanya is accepted as an international holiday spot in the Mediterranean region.

Alanya draws full attention with its fascinating marina that includes luxury yachts and cruise ships. Moreover, there are lots of international festivals held as well such as International Tourism and Art Festival, International Culture and Art Festival. Besides, you can attend many sport events as this is a very famous spot for different sports like beach volleyball, tennis, golf, mountain biking. The Beach Volleyball European Tournament is held at the Cleopatra Beach every year. You may wonder what are the most popular touristic spots; Alanya Castle, Alanya Waterpark, Cleopatra Beach.

It is reported that %30 of the property purchases by the foreign investors have been carried out here. As seen, this is an appropriate location for you to invest your money in fact. Whether you will stay or you will rent the property, there will be a total satisfaction as a result. You may want to look some areas around Avşallar, Kestel, Oba, Mahmutlar or Gazipaşa. The booming real estate industry of Alanya property is an opportunity not to be missed. With the population growth, Alanya has become one of the most demanded places among the investors.

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