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Posted by Property In Turkey on 4 October 2015
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Beylikdüzü is located in the European side of Istanbul and it is very close to some districts like Avcılar, Küçükçekmece and Esenyurt. You may want to consider buy a property in Beylikdüzü since it is one of rapidly growing and improving areas in Istanbul area.

If we look through Beylikdüzü area, we can see that it has attracted many investors, both domestic and international. Despite its being far away from the city center, more and more projects have emerged thanks to the developing infrastructure of the district. On top of that, the number of universities such as Beykent University and shopping malls such as Torium and Marmara Park have increased which shows the fact that there is a population growth. Besides, the exhibition and congress center called TUYAP that helds many international events is a great supporter of this action because the fair center has become a global meeting point for almost every country.

In Beylikdüzü, there has been a huge visible transformation within years. Before the new transportation system it was very hard to go to the city center, however, thanks to the renovated highways for the drivers and Metrobüs, a special travel road on which the buses go through, for the passengers, this problem has almost disappeared. It can be accepted that there is an excellent transportation system at the moment.

Buying property in Beylikdüzü is a pretty good option if you want to invest in Istanbul. This area has a great potential. The new residences and bright & modern flats are designed with a trendy concept. Being close to the seaside, you can enjoy a great view of Sea of Marmara from your window. Plus, if you would like to go and chill nearby the beach, it is really close to Beylikdüzü; there is even a local marina over there. Especially during summer season, the region cheer up with some cultural and touristic activities and festivals that are held in Büyükçekmece. However, when looked generally, Beylikdüzü tends to have a sophisticated and metropolitan look with its new residences and construction projects. Almost every flat is in a building complex and has a sea view. Many of them have swimming pool, sport centres and parking lots. You can see the mentioned areas especially in Beykent region that has become one of the important developing centers of Istanbul in recent years.

Beylikdüzü offers a range of housing stocks to almost every type of income group. A proper and planned housing shows that its socio-economic structure has evolved in the same way. With many different facilities, the district is accepted as a center of social life. Thanks to the smooth housing, you can buy a economic and good quality property in Beylikdüzü.

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