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Posted by Property In Turkey on 6 October 2015
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This article is written for those who wish to get detailed information about Çınarcık that is a district of Yalova city. As the biggest district after Yalova center, Çınarcık is a perfect place for your property purchase.

Yalova is one of the developing cities around the Marmara Region and its developing makes the district connected to the city grow in many ways. When Çınarcık is of concern, it is the heart of the tourism especially in Yalova and the Marmara Region. It can be understood from this information that the economy depends on tourism. It is reported that there has been a huge tourism boom after 15 years in 2014.

So what is it that makes the district that attractive for people? We can begin with its beach, its deep blue sea and surely its beautiful sunny weather particularly during summers. This is a perfect spot for your mellow summer times. After that it has been accepted as a municipal, a rapid development has been observed around the area. They have trouble balancing the population of winter and summer, despite this, they have been able to handle the order and the management; for instance, the municipality has carried out the operations of garbage, cleaning and coastline and has made flow and environment regulation last year. Accepted as a big advantage, this district is approximately 7 kilometres far from the Thermal that is what makes Yalova that famous and touristic.

In the matter of the transportation, the area is pretty accessible from near cities like Istanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli. If you do not have a car and want to go to Istanbul, you can take the sea bus that goes to Bostancı. You can travel to Bursa and Kocaeli by land.

If you want to buy a property in Çınarcık, there are many new projects that include modern built villas with sea or nature view and many of these villas have an amazing garden for you to enjoy your afternoons with your family. This is a city of nature surrounded by forests mostly, you can enjoy the magical sunset from your balcony or even from your room all the time. You are surely able to find the comfort and the nature at the same place. Besides, there are many good quality facilites such as swimming pool, spa and fitness center for you in these projects.

It seems that the growing movement of tourism in Çınarcık will continue and the area will keep its reputation as Yalova’s favourite tourism center. In this district inside the nature, you will be embraced by the natural beauties and many more.

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