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Posted by Property In Turkey on 24 April 2016
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As one of the most important metropolis cities in the Marmara region, Bursa creates a great vitality to the real estate sector thanks to its growing industry and economy. It is observed that more and more good quality properties and business centers have emerged both in the West and South side of the city as well as the developing regions located on the North and East side of Bursa.

Being close to Istanbul and having a powerful population and social-economic infrastructure, Bursa is accepted as the 4th biggest city in Turkey and the most important metropolis city in the Marmara region. In the recent years, Bursa has let in many immigrants since it has become a demanded city in the field of real estate. In the last period, it is seen that there are some districts that are in the ascendant such as the road of Mudanya, Bademli, Haskoy, Balat, Goynuklu and Aydinpinar. This improvement can surely be linked to the development of Mudanya and Istanbul highways and many more innovations in the field of transportation, economy, technology and industry.

Having such strategical location makes the city even more attractive as well as being so close to the popular cities like Istanbul, Balikesir, Izmir, Eskisehir and Kocaeli. Now that one can travel to Bursa so much easier thanks to the developments made, Bursa attracts more and more people so as to buy property in Bursa. With its two airports, modern sea ways and highways, Bursa is one of a kind.

Many experts predict that Bursa will continue developing more and more in the future in many fields and they continue by saying that this development in progress will result in a high demand in the real estate which means that more and more people are going to invest in Bursa.

Bursa’s demanding luxury properties and apartments are almost as same as the ones in Istanbul when compared in means of quality and price value. It is advised that if one looks for an investment opportunity in Turkey, Bursa should be one of the spots that must be considered for this action.

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