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Posted by Property In Turkey on 21 December 2015
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If you want to buy a property or invest in Bursa, you may need to determine your finance plan which means you may need to organize your budget. Bursa has been developing itself for a long time since the beginning of the new constructions and new projects designed to create better conditions especially for its economy, social life and infrastructure.

Bursa is a wonderful city located approximately 2 hours away from Istanbul and it is pretty easy to be reached by ferry and by road. Before you buy a property in any city or country, getting some information about the cost of living in that place is necessary for you to plan your finances.

When compared to the other cities of Turkey or even to Europe, Bursa is quite inexpensive in fact. Although the city offers a low cost of living, dining, electronic or gas expenses are expensive since they are counted in the luxury category. If your salary is up to around 2000 – 3000 TL, even this type of budget is enough for you to live in Bursa in a rental property. Or if you are an investor and if you are about to invest in Bursa, you can rent a regular property that is an apartment with 3 bedrooms in the city centre for around 1.100 – 1.500 TL.

Here are some average costs that are updated on the last September in different categories if you are interested in living in Bursa.

Food & Beverage
Eggs (12) – 4.87 TL
Tomato (1 kg) – 2.62 TL
Milk (1 liter) – 2.43 TL
Water (1.5 liter) – 1.29 TL

General utilities (electricity, heating, water and garbage) for 85m2 apartment – 237.85 TL
Internet (10 Mbps, unlimited data, Cable/ADSL) – 56.82 TL

Laundry detergent (3 liter) – 20 TL
Hourly rate for cleaning help – 11 TL

Gas (1 liter, ¼ gallon) – 4.26 TL
Monthly ticket for public transport – 116 TL

Casual dinner for two – 52 TL
Cappuccino (1 cup) – 9 TL
Marlboro cigarettes (1 package) – 9 TL

Personal Care
Tube of toothpaste – 4.72 TL
Toilet paper (4 rolls) – 3.20 TL

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