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Posted by Property In Turkey on 6 March 2016
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In the recent years, more and more people have started to be interested in investing in Istanbul’s some districts that are close to the city center but far away from the chaos. Gokturk and Kemerburgaz are the two outstanding districts from this category. Especially white-collar society and families with kids have started to buy property here.

Although they are quite small regions, the interest for these districts have rised in the last 5 years and it seems that the interest will go on. These districts are the regions that are pretty comfortable for kids were they can play and grow freely. The reasons why the white-collar society prefer these districts is the modern and new structuring, the construction quality that is suitable for earthquake regulations, health facilities, parking lots, educational establishments and the high level of security. Gokturk and Kemerburgaz have transformed a place that answers almost every need in fact since the people who buy property and live here leads a life that provides all their needs.

After the reciprocity law enacted last year, the foreign investors have started investing in especially thr 2B lands. It is observed that Gokturk and Kemerburgaz areas have attracted a greal deal of attention by Azeri investors. With the initiation of giving tittle deeds to 2B type lands, the area has become the apple of the foreign investors’ eye. Now, Kemerburgaz and Gokturk are able to preverse its property in the meaning of lands and properties. The investors keep going buying property in Istanbul’s districts.

Since the year 1990, Kemerburgaz and Gokturk have been getting more and popular and at the moment there are almost 20.000 properties and construction projects in the area. The quality of the region is maintains its status in fact thanks to the new construction projects such as the Third Airtport that has caught a great attention in the world. With the completion of the new airport project, in the same time the new metro line will be active in 2017. All these developments in the field of real estate, construction and transportation, are the primary things who raise the value of the properties in Kemerburgaz and Gokturk.

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