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Posted by Property In Turkey on 16 November 2015
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If you want to invest in Turkey but not sure about the location, it is better that you look through and get to know the cities before you have made up your mind. Let’s begin with a short summary of Yalova city that is one of the cities having showed a huge growth in the recent years in the field of economy, infrastructure and social life.

Yalova is located in Marmara Region and it is pretty close to Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa. Although it is the smallest city in Turkey, Yalova is one of the most touristic cities with the longest coasts.

The very first settlement here dates back to the Prehistoric Period. The region was owned by Hittites, Phrygians and then Romans. The town was used to be known as “Pylae” or “Pylai” that means “gates” in Greek language. Then during the Middle Ages, especially in the Byzantine Period, the town was having such great importance because of its geographic location. There were many attacks and similar events happened in the region but the people of Byzantine was able to protect it. And when we come to the Ottoman Period, the region was known as “Yalakabad” or “Yaliova”. In 19 July 1921, Yalova was finally liberated. Since then, Yalova is under the Republic of Turkey and it has been accepted as a district.

Today’s Yalova thermal spas have an important role in the history in fact. These spas carry many historical features and reliefs that are able to stay on the walls still. These places are known to have had a great reputation as resting and treatment place of imperials in Byzantine Period. Along with thermal spas, Yalova offers more touristic attractions like modern cultural centers, waterfalls, monuments…

As the most important feature, Cinarcik is the main touristic spot of Yalova that welcomes many people especially during summers. Armutlu and Termal are the main thermal areas. Those 3 places are known as the sources of Yalova’s income. On the whole, Yalova is a tourism city rich in historical features and natural beauties thanks to its history and geographical location.

If you are considering whether you should buy a property or not in Yalova, it is better to take its having many touristic and cultural features into consideration since they help properties possess higher prices depending on their locations.

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