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How to Buy Property in Turkey?

Posted by Property In Turkey on 5 July 2015
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Buying new property is a big step, whatever for you are buying it. Reasons for purchasing are several; business or new nest for family. Many questions will come across you; What kind of estate I shall buy? Where is the right place for my new investment? Is that area safe? Will that property be payable?

On this and many possible questions that you will face Kılıçlar Global is the right address to ask. Our many years of experience in real estate sector is a sign of safety for new property buyers. We do not see our clients as customers, but as our partners. Therefore, being partner means double way pleasure; including your satisfactions in purchasing is our satisfaction.

Buying Property in Turkey has become trendy recently. During the last decade Turkish market became popular among foreign investors, due to the economic development. Therefore, it is the right time to reserve and buy your property in Turkey. As Kılıçlar Global we are doing exhaustive analysis on Turkish market for a long period of time and we know all the necessary informations about how, where and what kind of property is best to be bought. Moreover, buying process might be complicated sometimes. Thus, we have done that part of the job for you, too.

On the lines below you can find the simple and best possible guidance for buying property in Turkey;

1- Make decision on buying


First and one of the most important things in buying process is the decision phase. This process is not simple as it sounds. By making decisions you are making huge step and you already have at least roughly idea about what kind of property you would like to buy and for what purpose. It is your desicion if your new property is going to be somewhere in peaceful place nearby the sea or somewhere far away from cities or maybe in the centre of one of the biggest cities.

After you make decision and decide what kind of estate and where it shall be located one significant part of the process has been made.

2- Send us request


After you decide on new property, you shall search for partner that will do that purchase on your behalf. Now it is time for Kılıçlar Global to make your idea and decision to become true. Contact us and send us your idea.

Present us what you have in your mind and give us the main idea that you would like to be realised. On our website you can find some of the properities that we are offering to our customers. You can do research among those properities and see if there are some similar properities that you would like to have in your ownership.

3- Talk to us to make good analysis


After you have contacted us and you have presented your idea, our team will do the best possible analysis regarded to your decision. Our experienced team is more than willing to share their knowledge and they will present you the best avaliable offer in the market. We will also present you all the necessary information regarded to your decision.

With our rich portfolio we will match your idea with available properities and we will analyse it in detailed form so you can easily reach those informations about your future possible property.

4- Compare properities that are presented to you


In this step there will be a range of properities that are presented to you. After we present available properities to you, it is your choice to compare those properities in terms of quality, price, payability etc. This step is not that much easy, it can take time. You can choose one of them in terms of area in comparison to other or in terms of price in comparison to another available property.

We will inform you in the most detailed form about those properities but in this step we usually recommend our customers to come to Turkey in order to see the properities that we are offering so that comparison would be more beneficial. Seeing the property in personal is always better than when it is presented to you by pictures or similar ways.

5- Decide on property and negotiate price


Next step is on deciding the property that you will buy. Finishing the step number 4 means that you have decided which property you want to buy after comparing available offers. After you have made decision our team will negotiate in your name and make the purchase on your behalf. We will do everything in order to make price of the property on the lowest level possible.

Our job is to make this purchase on best conditions so that we can make you satisfied in every single term of investment.

6- Buy the property


To become owner of new property is so close now. You have few ways to finish the buying process. Easiest way to finalize purchase is to grant power of attorney to a solicitor in Turkey. This type of purchasing will save your time due to bureaucracy issues. Our team will conclude your purchase as soon as possible and in the most secure way.

7. Finalize the contract and receive the title deed


Only one signature is enough to finalize the process. You have bought the property and now it is the responsibility of our team to check all the necessary informations for you; title check, municipality check and military clearances to guarantee that the property is freehold registered in your name. Usually 4 weeks are needed to conclude this kind of research. After we have done all our job, it’s time to receive the title deed (TAPU). Receiving the title deed means that all the necessary information has been approved and it is secured so you can officially become owner of new property in Turkey.

As Kılıçlar Global we are always willing to help you to make your decision of purchasing new property to become your best decision ever. Our team is here to do it together. Whatever idea you have do not hesitate to ask for consultancy. You are only a mail or a call away from purchasing the best property ever.

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