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Posted by Property In Turkey on 23 December 2015
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Have you recently bought a property in Turkey? Or do you already have one? Apart from all the finance issues and investment plans, it is highly necessary for you to prepare your property for the winter that may bring harsh conditions sometimes.
The cold and icy weather can result in higher bills and unnecessary expenses in the future. If you take measures in advance so as to prepare your property for winter, the risk of damaging the property can be easily minimized. Here are some suggestions:

– If it is possible, pipes should be placed away from the attic and outside of the walls so that the frost can’t overspread into the house. Be careful about the cracks and the holes outside of the property as well. It’s better to maintain a stable low level for the heating when there is no one in the house so as to avoid from these things.

– If we bring up the heating subject in more detail, the heating system should be serviced and organized for the harsh winter conditions so that the system can work properly during the season.

– If you own a beautiul villa with a stunning garden filled with outdoor furnitures, unfortunately it is time to put them away. Winter storms and bad weather conditions may damage these type of items.

– Saw some drains or some snow on the roof? You should check the drains whether if they are free of debris or not. If you have noticed some snow on the roof, it is necessary to check the amount and the type of the snow.

– Did you know that most of the heat in your propery could be lost through the roof? You may want to have an insulation in order to keep the property warm all the times that means you can use less energy.

Apart from these, even if you are not at the house all the time, you have to make planned visits to the property so that you can check whether there is a leak, crack or whatsoever. Besides, if your property is going to be vacant in the winter, the water supply should be turned off and drained. We can assure you that taking these suggestions into consideration will be quite beneficial for you to protect your property in winter.

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