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Invest Property in Bursa

Posted by Property In Turkey on 13 July 2015
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Bursa is the economic center in the rise of the modern period of the Turkish Republic. When we talk about the statistics of exports, it is sufficient to say that there is on enviable second place, right after Istanbul. In recent years characterized by high economic growth, and slowly becomes unavoidable address for any serious activity of firms. That what is tempting for potential investors in the economy is a highly qualified workforce and city almost always ready to respond to new business challenges.

On the other hand, tourism is also what adorns this beauty on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Every year, a growth of number of visitors who certainly have a lot of what they see in this city. For this reason, many people decide to buy a property to use as their base during a holiday. Also, one of the most beautiful mountains in Turkey (Uludağ) is located in this city. This ‘high’ beauty is adorned by beautiful nature and excellent ski slopes. With all the modern amenities it offers, this mountain is a popular destination to domestic and foreign tourists.

Exceedingly interesting for residents of Arab countries, because it offers what in the area is scarce, beautiful green areas with mild continental climate. With this special facilities  that provides to its inhabitants it also provides great sources of water so that Bursa is one of the few cities where you can drink water from the municipal water supply. Large green areas that adorn this city offers the luxury of enjoying the parks, which in chain reaction leads to an increase in the level of satisfaction and happiness of the residents.

Reading this, one can think of adversarial because on one side we have developed heavy industry and on the other side tourism and natural beauty. It is this contrast and the way in which this city managed to balance made Bursa specific and inviolable. While the industry continues to advance and new factories open, natural beauty of this city do not lose it’s luster, but is strictly controlled so its beauty is consistent and undisturbed and continue its natural way along with the development of the economy.

Also, what distinguishes this city is hospitality and warmth of a small town even though it is millions populated. Now this is very important because in this period, globalization has taken its toll, and the settlement became only the layers of concrete unfavorable to life. In this city you will feel the spirit of old times, when the cherished values was strong ​​which unfortunately today are slowly disappearing.

So choosing this city for living or business move will bring you the good old quality. Surely that this city has a lot to offer for every taste and for every budget. If you want to learn more about real estate in Bursa, do not hesitate to contact Kılıçlar Global, which will help you to the smallest detail in providing information about the city.

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