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Posted by Property In Turkey on 15 July 2015
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The Republic of Turkey is a real economic miracle over the past 10 years. While the whole world struggled with recession, Turkey has surprisingly recorded growth in all possible fields. According to all economic parameters of the country Turkey was in surplus, and very quickly found its place among the most developed countries of the world, which this country deserves.

If we compare the parameters of GDP in 2002 and those of 2013 we can see that this country is really observatory registered a remarkable growth and development. Thus, GDP in 2002 amounted to 231 billion, in 2013 it grew to a whopping 820 billion. To reach this figure, it was necessary to note the growth of all economic sectors, and most of the growth occurred in the sectors of industry, agriculture, tourism and construction.

For example, earnings from tourism in 2014 was 34.3 billion dollars, compared with $ 14 billion dollars in 2013.

As the backbone of Turkey’s economy we can rightfully state that it is Istanbul as the most populous city. In this town every aspect of economic branches is present so that we can claim that this is a city state within a state. In Istanbul, all major international and domestic corporations are present, and this is also the city in which is invested the most in infrastructure by the state. New motorways, tram and metro lines contribute even more to the development of Istanbul, creating an attractive climate for new investments. Economic development leads to an increase in employment levels which in series causing an influx of population. Continuing the series, the influx of population requires new housing units so that the construction sector has growth in its activities, too.

Turkish Statistics Agency announced the statistics on sales of residential property in Turkey.

According to these figures, sales of residential units in May 2015 increased by 19.4 percent compared to the same month last year.

In May this year in Turkey was sold 107,888 housing units.

With 21 576 apartments, the largest share in the total sales of residential space had Istanbul.

All these figures are more than sufficient evidence of how the noticeable development of the city as well as a tempting and profitable real estate investments. Also, a traditional activity in Turkey is trade, so that this aspect of the economy experienced a remarkable growth also. New shopping centers are opened very often, in them you can buy all the famous brands which also states about the stability of the markets for investment and the willingness of foreign investors to place their products on the Turkish market. On the other hand, the tourist centre, Istanbul is visited during the year in all seasons, which brings high income to the country, so that investments in this sector can be interesting for those who would like to move a safe investment.

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