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Posted by Property In Turkey on 8 August 2015
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As one of the highest suspension bridge in the world, Izmit Bay Bridge is expected to be opened to the traffic in March 2016.

Until the current moment, 50 meters from both sides were completed. Unfortunately, because of the adverse weather conditions a breakage occurred on the catwalk which they had formed for the bridge’s cable assembly. They have started to rebuild the catwalk that will allow engineers and workers walk on the bridge and afterwards they will start the construction of the main cable consisting of thinwires. However, during that lost time (approximately about 3 months), they prepared the aprons on which the vehicles pass and they completed the basic structures of the access roads. More than 5,000 vehicles will be able to pass when the construction is finished completely. It is said that the project has cost about 16 billion U.S. dolars.

In addition, it is being constructed as a earthquake-resistant suspension bridge, this is a very good advantage as the region has experienced some earthquakes in the past.

Many people wonder how this suspension bridge will effect the life conditions. Thanks to this huge project of the century consisting of 433 kilometers, the travel duration between İstanbul and İzmir will be only 3,5 hours and the travel distance will shorten by 140 kilometers that is very economical in many ways. This is such a major infrastructure project that some cities around the Marmara region such as Istanbul, Yalova, Izmıt and Bursa will become more valuable than before. The real estate sector in these districts is expected to be more and more active as well like the other sectors like textile, automobile.

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