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Posted by Property In Turkey on 10 August 2015
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When you decide it’s time to move to Bursa, here you can find all the necessary information about Property in Bursa. This is a perfect guide made according to the developing real estate market.

As a large city, Bursa is located within the Marmara Region and it’s becoming more and more modern and metropolitan with it’s growing population. This means that Bursa has become one of the great places for a perfect investment in Turkey. Plus, it offers a good quality of life in newly-built houses, one of them can be your dream property, who knows? It is a historical town with its bazaars, thermal spa centres and many more. It is also very popular thanks to it’s location, Uludağ (2543 meters, 8343 feet), the huge mountain behind the city makes Bursa even more attracive, especially during winter. With its wonderful features, Bursa is accepted as a city with advancements.

Now you may wonder where you should move in Bursa area. This is surely a large city, however, making the right investment in the right district is a difficult period. At that point, it’s better that you should seek advice from a professional; as Kılıçlar Global, we are here for you.

When you decide to move to Bursa, Mudanya is a perfect district for your investment. It is a Bursa province which is located on the Gulf of Gemlik. There, mostly you can encounter mosques and Turkish baths. Plus, the people of the town produce olive oil and they make a good money from this and most of the people go for a fishing around the area as well. A life at ease. Looking for more reasons? Offering flats with amazing sea view or outstanding dublex or triplex villas, Mudanya is a sweet coast town where the sea and the history meets. You can absolutely taste this perfect heritage if you buy a propety in Bursa. Although it is a little bit ancient town, we can offer you the luxury thanks to the new properties. If you invest your money here, you can spend a very relaxing and peaceful life with your family in a modernly-designed home in a gated community offering a lot of good facilites such as swimming pool, children playground. Famous with the fresh air and warm climate, Mudanya is the right area for your dreams. Just imagine that the amazing smell of the sea arrives with a sweet breeze while you are having your dinner accompanied by a stunning view, Mudanya can make this happen if you wish to move to Bursa.

If you are looking for a property in Bursa, you can contact us and as Kılıçlar Global, we will be happy to help you.

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