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Posted by Property In Turkey on 11 August 2015
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If you have decided to move to Istanbul, in this article you will find some information about finding the right property for you.

Being the largest city, Istanbul is known as the most development city in Turkey and this development doesn’t seem to stop. It is a kind of city which is for business and leisure. Heart of the country, Istanbul offers a wide range of cultural and historical adventures. Having two bridges, Istanbul is the European gateway to Asia which makes the city unique and special.

If you contact us and desribe your specific needs to find the perfect property in Istanbul, we will help you rightaway. The real estate market of Istanbul has showed an huge increase in recent years; thanks to this development, there are plenty of different places emerging in Istanbul; a stunning villa which is far away from the city center or a modern and flexible residence, it is your decision. If your plan is to move to a house which is a little far away from the center, you may be interested in a property which is outskirts of the city, between the sea and the greens. Villa plazas with a lots of facilites like swimming pool, parks, cafes? Luxury residence designed with the latest technology? Where should we look depending on your needs?

Küçükçekmece, Beylikdüzü, Yeşilyurt, Esenyurt, Büyükçekmece, Bahçeşehir and Avcılar in the European side and Beykoz, Pendik in the Asian side are some great locations for you to search for your dream property. The districts mentioned offer a variety of properties ranging from a silent village life to modern-designed flats or newly built modern apartments in a suburbia-like environment. Especially Beylikdüzü has gained a huge popularity recently, this is a very dynamic and developing district. Esenyurt is also one of the upcoming major areas like Beylikdüzü. A different one, Bahçeşehir is a kind of place where you can find your perfect property in an environment offering many facilities in the meaning of leisure and shopping. However, if your plan is to live in the heart of the city and still have that peaceful life, you my want to look some districts called Bomonti, Levent or Etiler; these are one of the modern neighbourhoods where you will encounter larger spacious residences in modern towers mostly. Especially Levent is the heart of the business. Imagine a living style where you find yourself enjoying your amazing scenic view when you come home after you finish work. Plus, there are lots of good shopping malls near the district such as Kanyon, Akmerkez or Mayadrom. There may be some questions appearing in your mind about how can a place in the center can have that amazing view; well, being on the hills above the Bosphorus makes those disctricts have that special feature. If your wish is similar to this kind of life style, we can help for you to spend rest of your life in an upper-class neighbourhood.

As seen, when it comes to the real estate market, Istanbul offers a variety of properties from European modern locations to the districts nearby Asian shores.

As an expert and as a guide, Kılıçlar Global is always ready to help you if you search for a real estate consultancy. Just contact us and we will help you to make right decision.

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