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Posted by Property In Turkey on 13 August 2015
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It’s a general overview article so as to help you during your moving in Turkey. When you decide to change your living place, you will need a guidance for the property opportunities in Turkey. At this point, you can read our property guide to get a good start.

For many, Turkey has a lot to offer; you can live the rest of your life in a spectacular village along one of the beautiful and relaxing South shores or you may move to one of the developing modernised cities, it’s your call. Having a rich history and a different unique geography, Turkey is a country which is at the northeast end of the Mediterranean Sea. To the north is the Black Sea and to the West is the Aegean Sea, a country with full of different perspectives. Turkey is known as a beautiful country with wonderful view of coastlines and mountains and a lovely climate. There are a lot of affordable properties in different locations for you to choose to buy. In this article, you can find all the necessary information you need before you buy a property in Turkey.

Having undergone a huge economic transformation in the past decade, Turkey’s economic basis is pretty strong. This means that Turkey’s property sector has a great potential for the investors.

How should you start then? Firstly, you will need an estate agent to find a property in Turkey. As Kılıçlar Global, we will help you and find you the right property according to your specific needs. However, there may be some restrictions when you purchase a property depending on your choice of region. Plus, you should take into consideration about the legal matters as well; it is necessary for you to find out the title deed (TAPU) belonging to the property is debt free which may require the assistance of a lawyer. Plus, you may make sure the property has a habitation certificate (Living Permission). When you choose to buy the property, you will be asked for a small reservation fee for the property. As Kılıçlar Global, we will make a contract between the seller and purchaser and in the contract there will be details of the completion date, payment schedule and terms and conditions. You may encounter some difficulties but there is absolutely no need to worry. With plenty of stunning villas, apartments and houses for sale, you will find your perfect property in Turkey with the help of Kılıçlar Global.

If your plan is focused on living in Turkey permanently, you should have everything in order such as a Turkish Tax number or Foreigners Identity number. In addition to all these you will need to apply for a Turkish residence permit. Turkey is a very hospitable country and it’s possible for most foreigners to get a permit.

Kılıçlar Global has helped many investors so as to make them get the best deal for buying property in Turkey. Please contact us and we will get back to you rightaway.

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