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Posted by Property In Turkey on 9 March 2016
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According to a research recently made around Buyukdere Street and its round, the value of the new branded construction projects has rised a lot and this can be also seen in three-year compound rise in value as well that has climbed up to %74. The research also indicates that Bomonti has been coming to the forefront and it is becoming as a business center in Istanbul since many business centers in the regions are attracted a great deal of demand by both foreign and domestic investors which means that many people are buying property in Bomonti at the moment.

It is also said that the people who work and live in Buyukdere Street and its round are the members of high-level income in general so the luxury property projects in this regions and its round are able to provide many opportunities for them.

Recently, many construction projects that provide luxury and comfort have showed a rapid improvement. In the preferences, the residences are becoming prominent as well as the business and trade centers that are attracted attention by the people.
Bomonti region that is found at the start point of Dolmabahce-Bomonti and Piyalepasa-Kagithane Tunels that have been constructed so as to free the traffic of Istanbul city, has started to become more and more popular recently; many construction projects are being developed right now which will rise the district’s value in the future.

Almost all the projects in Bomonti aim A+ and A+ social economic class in fact. These projects are being preffered by the people who would like to buy property, who work in the business centers in Maslak and Levent and who belong to high-income group. As mentioned, the residence projects have gathered pace in the recent years and the luxury projects include social facilities, swimming pool, fitness center, parking lot and a lot more things. It is expected that all these new investments in Bomonti will continue rising rapidly thanks to the accesibility to the main arterial roads and the bridge.

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