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Posted by Property In Turkey on 15 February 2016
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This property guide will give you some necessary information for those who are interested in buying property in Beyoglu that is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul city. Beyoglu is close to Sisli, Besiktas, Boshphorus, Kagithane, Eyup, Osmanbey and Halic and it has 45 neighbourhoods.

Beyoglu in fact can be described as one of the most historical and cultural districts of the city since the streets of Beyoglu such as Istiklal, Cumhuriyet, Inonu and Cihangir are always active and quite social since this district is also accepted as the heart of the tourism. Cinemas, theathres, show centers and many more facilities can be found here which means that there are always variable cultural events happening around Beyoglu. Istiklal Street in fact is the most active one of the city since it is quite popular among both foreign and domestic people which makes the street even more popular.

In addition to its being a social center, Beyoglu offers many historical monuments and places as well such as German Palace, Arab Mosque, Galata Tower, Galatasaray Museum, Huseyin Aga Mosque, Istanbul Modern Museum, Karakoy Palace, Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque, Taksim Gezi Park and more. There also some passages like Emek, Cicek, Aznavur, Atlas and more. When it comes to the education and the health, the district is quite rich; there are some universities like Mimar Sinan Fine Arts, Istanbul Teknik, Bilgi and there are some good high schools like Beyoglu Anadolu, Saint Benoit and Galatasaray. And about the health issue; there are 12 hospitals in the district.

If you want to buy property in Beyoglu, there are many different properties among which you can choose depending on your special needs. The most popular types of properties of the districts are residences and residential apartments in fact. Especially the residential apartments offer stunning views of the city for instance. Most of the people prefer Beyoglu so as to live here or invest in Beyoglu since it is one of the best locations in Istanbul city with many great advantages in the field of economy, social life, art, culture and many more things.

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