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Posted by Property In Turkey on 23 November 2015
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This is a detailed property guide for those who plan to invest in Kucukcekmece. The district has been built around the lake called Kucukcekmece Lake that is located on the east side of Istanbul.

Generally the construstions made around the district are in accordance with the construction plans and technical conditions. Besides, thanks to this modern development, the social life and the culture of Kucukcekmece have showed a visible growth. There are many education centers, sports facilites and shopping centers within the district. Although it is pretty far from the city center, a population increase has been observed due to the new transportation system. This new transportation system consists of a special bus line called Metrobus that helps people travel faster. Kucukcekmece is also very close to Istanbul Ataturk Airport that is one of the international airports of the city.

The lake of the district has attracted many people for a long time. In addition to this touristic spot, there is a historic bridge built by Mimar Sinan that is an architect during the times of Ottoman. A walk during the sunset rising over the bridge is probably the best amazing thing that you can enjoy in this area.

What is more? This is actually quite a perfect city for summer. One can enjoy the sun and a great view of this lake during summers instead of dealing with the fast life of the city. If you are thinking to invest here, you may gain a pretty good profit from your future investment since more and more people have started to be interested in Kucukcekmece district.

There are many luxury apartments and modern villas that can call your attention. If you look through the property alternatives, it is sure that you will come across with the one that includes everything you are looking for your future investment plan.

If you want to invest in Kucukcekmece, as Kiliclar Global, we are ready to serve you. All you need to do is contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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