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Posted by Property In Turkey on 24 November 2015
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As a town and a district of Bursa city, Mudanya is a pretty coast town that is especially famous for its olive oils and it has 32 villages. The population has risen up to almost 54.000 with the new migrations. If you want to invest in Bursa, Mudanya is one of the perfect locations for your future property.

You may always come across with people walking down the beach enjoying the delightful sunset of the town. The walk that you do around the port side will bring you that familiar structure: a train station building. This may seem ordinary, however, it differs from the other train station time with its being much more well-kept. But today, the building is used as a restaurant called “Montania”.

Mudanya, where sea meets history, has become one of the most preferred cities in the field of investing in the recent years. You may wonder why; now that Bursa has developed its economy, infrastructure system and social facilites, more and more people have started to buy a property in Bursa. This is such an industrial city and that is the main reason that the economy of Bursa has showed a huge growth. During the recent years, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has made some changes in Mudanya district since they wanted this district to develop in all aspects so that it could become a modern place. There have been a lot of investments made for here in the field of infrastructure and transportation.

Although the period of summer is not that long, many people prefer here for their vacations. The investments made here lie heavily on the summer houses in Mudanya in fact. Along with the houses having been restorated in time, we see modern and new flats and sea view villas as well. If you are thinking about a long-term investment, your future property should be a good quality one that can maintain you a good profit. For instance, the street that is at the most premium is Halitpasa Street; the prices go up a little bit here since there are more modern and new constructions. Although there are many local migrations to the nearby places in Marmara Region, Mudanya is attracted by both locals and foreigners.

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