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Posted by Property In Turkey on 25 November 2015
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As the third biggest district of Bursa, Nilufer has developed a huge progress with its new housing estates that can provide Bursa’s property need. Nilufer has taken place on the top with the most rapid population growth since the district is accepted as a new residential area in Bursa city. There are 25 main neighborhoods founded in Nilufer city.

As the most modern district that provides a great income for Bursa’s economy with its industrial zone, Nilufer also inholds many business centers and creates a big employment opportunity for the people of Bursa. This means that Nilufer, as the heart of the industry in Bursa firstly, makes a great economic contribution in fact. Most of the important factories of big companies such as Bosch, Oyak Renault and Gemsat are in this industry zone. Plus, there are many cultural events and workshops of art, theatre, jewellery design, sculpture held by Nilufer Municipality. In this district, you can benefit from many facilites in the field of health, education and similar areas. University of Uludag and its campus are within this area. Nilufer is also pretty rich in terms of tourism; Misi Village, Golyazı and Ayvaini Cage are some examples for this fact.

The nature and the modernity of Bursa can be felt in this district also; Nilufer that is growing faster in the field of many area is expected to show itself in almost every field.

As Bursa gets more and more popular, this district has developed as well. The new and upcoming projects including modern flats, luxury residences and cosy nature view villas have started to show themselves from the time when the urbanization of Nilufer was started to be carried out. If you want to invest in Bursa, considering Nilufer so as to buy a property can be a great idea for your future. The developing area of Bursa, Nilufer offers you great properties in which you can find luxury and comfort.

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