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Posted by Property In Turkey on 25 July 2015
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Bursa is a city located in the northwest of Turkey, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara. From ancient times when the Turks started to settle in the area of ​​ Minor Asia, the city occupied a very important place in the geopolitical history of Turkey. Even for a long time when it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and after crossing the capital titles to Istanbul this city receives the title of honorary capital. Today also, the city radiates warmth and cordiality which was radiating in ancient times. Therefore, it is the favorite address for domestic as well as for foreign tourists. It’s relief was reminiscent of the Balkans cities, and has those specifications which can not boast of many cities in Turkey.

It is rich in greenery and gentle relief, and because of being of the foothill of Mount Uludağ, has a mild continental climate, although it is located on the sea it can boast that it has a refreshing breeze. This makes it very much suitable for life, and on that basis we can say that made it to fourth place by the population in the Republic of Turkey.

Economic expansion of Republic of Turkey is affecting to a large extent to this city as well. We can rightly say that this city is one of the industrial locomotive in the country. In recent years almost all economic sectors of heavy industry are rapidly evolving, so that slowly but surely, the city becomes a haven for businessmen and investors.

Therefore the development of industry is noticeable growth in the construction sector as a logical result of the increased migration to the city and the demand for housing units increased too. So today at various locations within the Bursa we can see completed or ongoing construction of grandiose residential complex. All these complexes are made in accordance with all possible modern condition with remarkable facilities.

The city already has assumed an outstanding look and succeeded in combining the old heritage building with modern buildings. Also, the practice is that the building are built right away from the city crowd to provide residents a quieter life, in order to gain a complete experience of comfort.

On the other hand, since Bursa has its coast a lot of investors are opting to buy property near the coast and those are usually popular villas. Having a property at such a location in Bursa means purchasing and investment in naturally quiet haven for your family. Beautiful Sea of ​​Marmara will help this feeling even more come to the fore. This part of Turkey is particularly attractive for visitors from Arab countries, because in addition to the geographical contrasts that this city offers makes a real religious center of the country, which greatly facilitates comers from Arab countries to more easily adapt to life in this city.

With such a climate of religious and social wealth that provides Bursa, there is no doubt that many investors find their business oasis right here. Certainly those who do not think about buying real estate as a business move, but sure step in the process of finding a life nest, this city will be ready to respond to such requests too.

You’re in luck, because Kiliclar Global has plenty of experience in real estate trading in Bursa so that what only you need to do is to contact the team of the company that is always ready to help.

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