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Posted by Property In Turkey on 19 April 2016
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It is widely known that Bomonti district has become quite popular in the field real estate, business and economy which results in the rise in value of the properties located on Bomonti. Because of the traffic problem in the years, many people have started to be interested in some locations that are close to the transportation areas such as Bomonti, Levent, Mecidiyekoy and Zincirlikuyu.

Interested in buying property in Bomonti for an investment purpose? Or do you want to live in Bomonti? Whatever your plan is, there are many property alternatives in the area so that you can choose from the right property depending on your needs and wishes.

You may wonder why this district has gaines so much popularity, well, if an explanation is needed, even in the past years, Bomonti was being accepted as one of the centers of the business in Istanbul. With the growing economy, the companies have got bigger and bigger and new areas have started to be needed so that more companies can be established in the city. Currently, Bomonti is accepted as a place where people both work and live which means both for business and pleasure in fact.

So what are the latest real estate trends in Bomonti? First of all, the luxury residences are becoming popular; these residences are constructed with the latest luxury and technology since many people from business prefer this kind of features in a property.

In addition to the luxury residences, A+ plus offices are some of the outstanding properties in Bomonti since it has been accepted as a business center for a long time. These A+ offices are equipped with the features that include the latest technology, design and trends in fact.

It can be said that in Bomonti, life is always active with social and cultural events, business meetings and many more things since it is located pretty centrally which can be understood from the fact that it is close to the main centers such as Taksim, Mecidiyekoy, Osmanbey and Nisantasi. If you are interested in Bomonti like many investors do, you can always consult us so as to carry out a property purchase in this district.

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