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Posted by Property In Turkey on 16 March 2016
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With the new projects emerging around Bursa such as the construction of the new highway and Izmit Bay Bridge and some town planning actions especially in Mudanya region, Bursa has gained some liveliness in many fields in the recent years which makes the city become one of the best and qualified regions of Turkey. Plus, high-speed train project, the accesibility by sea, highway and Helitaksi projects helps Bursa quite attractive among the investors.

So why you should invest in Bursa in 2016 like these investors do? With all these years passing by, Bursa has started collecting more and more advantages each year in the field of economy, real estate and industry. This is in fact one of the right spots to invest in Turkey since it is accepted as an important metropolis city both in the world market and Turkey’s market. After Istanbul, Bursa’s situation is being preserved that is ranked as 4th. Many people have invested in Bursa in the previous years since they are aware of the fact that the city is becoming stronger each passing day thanks to its economic growth and its geoghraphic location which is pretty reachable from Istanbul, Yalova and Izmit.

When look through Turkey’s and the world’s economic going and their development in the specific fields that are industry and service and the supply-demand balace that is connected to them, you can be sure of the fact that investing in Bursa can be a great idea. It is the 4th biggest city in Turkey and many people prefer here for their future investments since it is pretty close to Istanbul and it lets in immigrants intensively because of its development in industry, business and education. Especially Nilufer and Osmangazi attract a lot of notice among the investors.

In addition, thanks to the new transportation projects, more and more people have invested in properties found in Nilufer area that is the center of the city. The new housing estates and luxury residences that are equipped with the latest technology and modern designs are quite popular. If you invest in one of these properties in Bursa, it is quite possible that there will be an income in the future since the city will continue preserving its important status.

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