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Posted by Property In Turkey on 27 December 2015
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Istanbul is accepted as a modern city that is able to harbour its culture and history perfectly for many years turning them into an exciting adventure for people around the world. One can encounter many historical monuments and features that belong to the rich heritage of Istanbul. Especially its mosques, basilicas, cathedrals and ancient bazaars are attracted by tourists every single day.

The city that connects the East and the West in a perfect and amazing way, Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey as well and it is maybe the most popular city among the investors of the real estate and many people come to live in Istanbul since the city offers quite good conditions for properties. If you wonder why the city is such famous for a long time, we would like to give some information about the touristic side of Istanbul. Here are some examples of popular tourist attractions in Istanbul:

• Galata Tower
As one of the most popular touristic places in the city center, Galata Tower was built in 1348. The tower that is pretty recognisable offers a stunning bird’s eye view of Bosphorus, Golden Horn and Sea of Marmara from its balcony. Located on Galata, Karakoy, it is quite close to the Taksim that can be reached within minutes by walk. It can be visited every day between 9 am and 8 pm.

• Princes Islands
One of the perfect choices for a weekend getaway from the city center, Princes Islands are located on the north side of the Sea of Marmara and you can reach there by boat in half and hour that is the only option for the transportation. On the islands, there are only horse-drawn carriages that tour around the island. Many people prefer Buyukada and Heybeliada that are the most popular ones among the islands.

• Dolmabahce Palace
Built along the Bosphorus coast, Dolmabahce Palace is located on Besiktas district. This is a place that should be visited so as to feel all the rich historical heritage once you come to Istanbul. With its ravishing architecture, the palace possesses well-kept gardens and the entrance is maintained by an imperial gate. There are 3 sections in the place that are called Selâmlik, Harem and Veliaht Dairesi. This palace is pretty important since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk that is the founder and the first President of the Republic of Turkey died here on November 10 in 1938.

• Suleymaniye Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque is known with its marvelous beauty and perfect tranquility among the society. The mosque is located on the Third Hill of Istanbul and it was commissioned by Suleyman I, known as “The Magnificent” and it was designed by Mimar Sinan. The restoration was carried out in the 20th century. This place harbours many features from Islamic and Byzantine architecture.

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