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Posted by Property In Turkey on 25 April 2016
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The criterias of buying property in Turkey have changed because of the population having increased in the recent years in the country and the traffic problem having emerged in parallel with it. According to the real estate experts, the people have started to buy property according to some criterias of traffic and proximity to the social life areas instead of the genered old thought. Especially when bought property in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the buyers are looking for the criterias like proximity to metro, tram, metrobus, airport, sea bus, ferry port and orbit roads. With all these, they look for an area in the center of the life that is also far away from the traffic problem and an area that can provide all of their needs.

The intensive traffic lived in the major cities also reflects on the consumers’ needs and this is especially the reason why they prefer to buy property that is nearby the public transportation points. It is widely observed that people tend to spend less special time because of the busy life, particulary the time spent for transportation forms a great part of our life. They go to work in the morning, they go some places so as to do some shopping after work or even meet with friends and they head to the home at the end of the day. Especially in the major cities like Istanbul, going these points cause a great amount of time loss. Because of this fact, the buyers look for spots tol ive where they can be close to the public transportation and shopping areas.

Thus all the property projects are shaped according to these new criterias. The people who bought property in Turkey has reached a definite level of conscious in the last period and the construction companies form their projects according to the current preferences of the investors and the buyers. Investors are aware of the fact that buying property means buying a life in fact. In order not to come across with traffic problems, they tend to buy property that is nearby work and even house. Most of the new property projects in Turkey include sports center, hairdresser and market that are accepted as the areas where social needs can be provided.

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