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Posted by Property In Turkey on 2 January 2016
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Istanbul has ranked at the 20th in the world’s most demanded European cities among the international real estate investors. In spite of the fact that there has been an economic uncertainty in Europe, the investors of the real estate are still able to create a profitable investment area. It is clearly observed that there has been a rising interest for the real estate investments. Some projects having been carried out like Third Airport, Third bridge, Istanbul – Izmir Highway, Organized Port Area and crusie port open up an opportunity for new investments and developments.

What are the rising trends of Turkey’s real estate market for 2015?
• The retail areas have integrated with marina, cruise port and offices that are outsife of shopping malls. This can be seen in the example of the marina project being carried out at Atakoy in Istanbul. Shopping malls have been renewed so as to integrate with the open areas as well.

• In the field of work places, apart from the main district for plazas, known as Levent, Kagithane, Seyrantepe, Umraniye and Atasehir has become the most demanded districts for local and international office users. With the completion of the land that is under construction, it is expected that the total land of class A office will be 6.5 million square meters in 2017. Plus, there is a great demand for developing productivity and high comfort standarts. Most of the investors prefer some important like being close to the metro line, smart location and productive floor area when they look through the districts so as to buy property in Turkey.

• Stunning sea or nature villas around Istanbul and Bursa have become the most demanded properties for rent or for sale. It is observed that the villas located on the districts that are on the coastline of Bosphorus have aroused much more interest.

• The construction sector has started to receive its share from the development of technology as well; the new smart home technology that offer automatic systems inside of the property have started to be used in many property projects.

• The augmentation of the housing stock has resulted in new and different projects that are realized by the construction companies. These new projects come to the fore with their living spaces where the people can get social, rest, have a good time and live healthy.

The constuction sector has a strong connection with the human life in fact; the sector proceeds on its way growing up day by day. The field of the construction that is in a constant changement and development and this field succeeds in keeping up with the current times very well.

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