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Posted by Property In Turkey on 16 October 2015
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Once you make up your mind about buying a property, there comes an another moment, should you buy a stunning huge villa or a spacious flat? During this decision period, you should decide on the right property according to your style of living. Many other things have an effect that determine your decision as well. This seems a difficult time for you but you should not be worried that much. We have listed below some features of villas and flats for you.


This is a well-known and all-time dream of everyone in fact. Imagine that you have bought your independent house finally, a place to design as you like it, a place to live as you prefer.

• If you buy a villa, you can feel the freedom completely. This is a place for you to enjoy your life as you wish in a much larger place.
• You can design the property as you like it. You will be enjoying your villa more and more when you have painted the walls your favourite color.
• You can have your own privacy more comfortably as well.
• However, maintenance may cost higher than you expect, you may need to hire a bunch of people to run the basic errands in the garden or in the house. Besides, you may have to pay higher electric and hot water bills.
• What if your family gets bigger? No worries, a villa’s space can always be expanded!
• The security can be a worrisome issue quite often. You may need to hire a security guard that costs you a little bit high.


If you would like to buy an apartment, it probably means that you wish to live a life in the city center. If that is the reason, this type of property would be an excellent choice for your life. So what are the pros and the cons of the apartment?

• You should keep in your mind the fact that the walls and the ceilings of the most of the apartments are sensitive which means that it can be pretty disturbing sometimes.
• If you buy an apartment, it will be probably located in a building complex where you can benefit the special facilites such as swimming pool, gym, cafés and parks and also a playground for your children.
• The apartments are normally multi-storey; if you are lucky to have an apartment at a higher level, you may be able to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of somewhere.
• With a lower budget, you may be able to maintain your life easily. A smaller place means lower maintenance of the property.
• As mentioned above, being located in a building complex can provide more security.
• Probably the best thing of living an apartment, no repairs at all. You will probably buy an apartment that have been already designed and maintained properly.

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