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Posted by Property In Turkey on 20 October 2015
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Turkey’s 5th most crowded city, Antalya is located on the west side of the Mediterranean region and it is between Gulf of Antalya and the Taurus Mountains. With its stunning unique features, this may be the right area for your future property investment. This is a very historic and touristic city that still keeps holding its popularity up to today. With its natural unique beauty, magical golden beaches and an amazing mountain view it can be seen nearly from everywhere.

If you want to invest in Antalya that extends along the Mediterranean coast, you may need to look through some areas depending on your needs. You should take the legal restrictions of real estate purchases into consideration as well before you buy a property. At that point, we are here for you during your purchase processes. However, you should not be worried about anything because normally in Turkey it is possible for you to invest in any kind of property.

So where to invest in Antalya? Let’s begin with Alanya then; this spot is a very good area for you that it is close to the Alanya Gazipasa Airport that gets access to many European countries. Being close to the seaside, you may find luxurious designed beach apartments that meet your expectations. With its tourism income, you may be able to derive profit from your future investment. Especially the penthouses in Alanya are one of the most popular investment options among both domestic and foreign investors.

Avşallar is an another place that is connected to Alanya district. It is not that big area, nevertheless, it is also famous for its stunning beaches that makes Avşallar pretty attractive among people. There are many facilities that maintains the life quality over there. You may also want to look through this spot for your investment since there are many affordable apartments with sea view along the beach.

How about Belek? Belek has been known for its popular golf areas for many years. The modern and developed district has two alternative spots; Belek and Kadriye village. A well-known seaside district, Kemer offers you many new and modern villas with large gardens and terraces. This is one of the most touristic areas as well that the population of the district consists of foreigners mostly. Konyaaltı is known for its long touristic beach and its amazing view. The property market in Konyaaltı is a known fact that there is a variety of properties around the district. These areas are also some of the opportunities for your future investment.

There are many property projects that you can find easily the right one depending on your specific needs. As Kılıçlar Global, we are always ready to help you with our best quality service. All you need to do is contact us and we will get back to you right away.

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