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Posted by Property In Turkey on 22 August 2015
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The cultural capital, Istanbul is a pretty good opportunity for those who would like to buy a property in Turkey.

A beautiful view of Bosphorus coming from the hills, that’s what all Istanbul is about in fact. However, most of the great investments have been made around the districts that are far away from the city center, there are exceptions anyway. Istanbul is always ready to everything, this is a huge city with the growing population, the latest technology and the modern developments. The big capital growth is the one who has helped Istanbul to become a city that everyone wants to explore. Every year more and more buyers emerge in the property market of Turkey.

If you have decided to focus on Istanbul area so as to make an investment, we are ready to serve you. Choosing the right district will be very important for you so that you can earn money from your purchase. There are many different areas which are attracted by different investors. Compared to the other international countries in the meaning of the price value, Turkey is in a very suitable place for property investments.

Where to invest in Istanbul? Like mentioned above, there is a variety of properties around the area, both in European and Asian side. Firstly let’s look through the Asian side; it is more quiet and calm which is appreciated by many people who would like to purchase a property in Istanbul. Particularly the districts nearby the Sea of Marmara like Beykoz and the districts far away from the city center like Pendik are high on demand at the moment. This means making an investment around this area would be the right decision.

What about European side? Well, there are more opportunites compared to the other side. You may want to look some districts like Büyükçekmece, Küçükçekmece or Avcılar, for instance. Especially Lake of Büyükçekmece is getting popular with the international cultural festival organized every year during summers. These locations nearby the coast offer many stunning villas or modern-designed apartments to be purchased. Bahçeşehir, known as “Garden City”, has been one of the great housing estates so far in Istanbul. Avcılar, Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt, there you can make an investment to a modernly-built house in an apartment or in a residence. Major shopping malls and the number of universities are a great advantage for those who purchase a property around there. These districts have attracted a great notice by the international investors. If your wish is to buy a property in the city center, we can offer you some properties in Levent, Etiler or Bomonti. This area is known as the heart of the business so your property will be attracted by so many people who looks for renting a place.

As seen, there are many great opportunites for you if you want to buy a property in Istanbul. Just decide where in Istanbul you should make your investment carefully because it really matters. The property that you are going to buy should give you a great financial gain.

As Kılıçlar Global, we will be ready to help you with our best quality service and successful team. Just contact us if you would like to buy a property in Istanbul.

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