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Posted by Property In Turkey on 29 November 2015
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When you come across with very high prices during summer and spring, you may become a little bit doubtful whether you should invest in Turkey or not. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money for your investment but still look for a good quality property with a reasonable price, winter season should be a good option for your investment in fact. Normally winter season is accepted as a “slow period” among most of the buyers and real estate companies but you can make a very good profit if you invest carefully.

Why invest in Turkey during winter season then? As mentioned, you will be able to find fewer properties probably during that slow period. This should not make you anxious; if you invest in winter, you may be able to benefit from this drop-off that helps you to find a good deal for your future investment. You may wonder how; here is an example; if you come across with a perfect property during summer, there may be multiple possible buyers for the same property. The reason for this mobility that the hot season makes people more active and motivated. Nevertheless, when you find the same property during the cold season, your chance for investing in it can be more possible.

With this less competition emerged in the real estate market, you may invest in Turkey more easily and surely with less money. Instead of running one property to another or being irresolute since there are at least 50 possible properties for your investment and wasting your precious time, you may easily stuck between fewer options and decide about the right one during winter.

Your chance to get a negotiation resulting in a profitable one is more possible since the seller is more motivated because of selling his property during the slow season. Plus, investing in a propery during winter can show you whether the property can endure the harsh conditions. You can control and check the heating system or the hot water as well. You may think that the seller is the only one that makes profit from this negotation, however, when you become a property owner, you can do the same and gain such a good profit as well.

In order to make a smart move during winter season, you should better consult a professional. As Kiliclar Global, we are here for you with our best quality service and team. Just contact us and we will be ready to help you.

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