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Posted by Property In Turkey on 29 February 2016
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As one of the popular cities of the country, Bursa offers many opportunities during every season. If you are thinking to buy a property in Bursa and spend some time there so as to get to know the city, we would like to show you some reasons for you to be sure of the city. Notably Uludag and Bursa Ulu Mosque, Green Tomb, Cekirge Region and many more castles, mosques and tombs, Bursa is accepted as one of the unique cities possessing many ravishing places to be visited.

When we look through Uludag region, this place is known as one of the most attractive and irreplaceable ski resorts of Turkey, here is also the first to come to our mind when it comes to ski in Turkey in fact. Being located on the southwest side of the city, Uludag Ski Resort has always preserved its popularity for many years and it has conributed a lot to the winter tourism of Bursa. The fresh and clean air that comes from the ravishing moutains of the city makes the district even more attractive also. Plus, when looked over from the peak of Uludag, one can enjoy the great view of Istanbul, Sea of Marmara and the surroundings which adds another unique feature to the place.

How about Uluabat Lake that is also known as “Apolyont” ? Have you ever heard of this lake? If not, this is one of the lakes that have been put under protection by RAMSAR. The lake is famous for its having the most number of water birds since its being located on the migratory routes. Many people go visit there during winter since the place offers such an amazing view at that time of the year.

Even if it is known that most of the people buy property in Bursa so as to spend their summers, Bursa is also a perfect place to be lived in all the time of the year. You can explore the city’s hidden beauties in many places during the winter or you may enjoy your coffee while looking the fascinating mountains that are covered with fresh snow.

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